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I’d like to think my dash did a thing

The Disney Renaissance + concept art

(The Golden EraThe Neoclassical EraThe Disney Revival)

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Warm up. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of Hawkeye. I love a lot of things about the series but most of all I love Kate Bishop and I love Annie Wu.

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Casual reminder that in one of Leonardo da Vinci’s many notebooks containing innumerable artistic and scientific sketches and notes of incomprehensible important, there is a sketch of two penises with legs and tails walking towards a crudely drawn anus.

The sketch was most likely done by Leonardo’s apprentice Salai, who was not only very likely one of Leonardo’s lovers, but who was also infamously mischievous. Better yet, the anus is literally labeled “Salai.”

So either Salai drew these while Leonardo wasn’t looking just to annoy his boyfriend, or Leonardo himself put actual time and energy into drawing these. Either way, the human race is truly blessed to have made such a discovery.

There are dick drawings like the ones you see on desks in school in Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks. Please cherish this information.

In the midst of exploring Renaissance Italy history for reasons, I have found a wonder.

I’m just going to hope this all accurate

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Fred: Okay team let’s split up

Me: *worries for the wellbeing of shaggy and scooby*

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relationship goals


relationship goals

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He’s an actor admired for his intensity, focus, and generosity—a kind of Millennial’s Montgomery Clift. Aaron Paul in Flaunt (x)

At first I thought this meant Aaron Paul was in Mockingjay

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